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Scott Baio Wishes Death On My Cat (?!?)

Scott Baio has quite a time on Twitter, what with his history of making racial and political comments and expecting everyone to just keep their mouths shut about it.  Now he seems to be wishing death on my cat (or me?) and complaining because he's a public figure and can't go after me (or my cat?).  This, just a few weeks after he was upset when death threats were made against him for posting a crass comment with a pic of Michelle Obama.

Last week I posted comments on a few of his Twitpics, and I guess something made him REALLY mad because after deleting the comments he tweeted this:  (Pssst...he doesn't like me very much.)

I'll be sending this to PETA and asking whether they think he's wishing death on my cat or on both of us (if not, it must be just on me).

Just prior to that one, he'd tweeted this:

Umm...I rarely comment on his twitpics, and it's typically only his racially-oriented pics when word gets out about them.  Sheesh, most of his pics are so inane I lose 10 IQ points just looking at them.  Yes, I'm Mo Moore, the newly-regrown-headed-cockroach "black PUSSYcat", though I wasn't trolling him (trolling doesn't really apply to twitpic anyway).  And I am not suspended (but I might get permanently banned after this, considering his history of complaining to Twitter about me and the rest of the "retarded LIEberals" who call him out on his racial and political crap).

Here's the entire string of tweets he let loose.  (I've separated them to spare the reader's scrolling, but the stream is shown intact, in two parts, here.)  And you might notice, race even comes into this stream - it seems black is extra notable for him, whether human or cat!  He posts pics of kittens and cats, so he's not a cat hater - but I've never seen a black cat in his pics.

 (Classy guy, right?  So apparently he really is yelling at my cat...maybe I should tell him he's neutered and doesn't even have "nuts" anymore.)

And in the next breath, he sends out "love" and "peace" (people come down on him when he behaves this way, so he likes to throw this kind of stuff in because we all know it erases all the crap he's just said).  

Omigoodness, my cat and I are intolerable to society!  Where are our meds?!

I wonder if he realizes that it's not my "BLACK CAT!!!!!!!" who is posting comments on his twitpics?  And that he can "roast" me regardless of what avatar I use?  I'm coming out of the closet as of this moment - I AM NOT A CAT.

Something tells me he didn't want to "roast" me, as in a Joan Rivers' type roast...there are several reasons for my suspicions on that, not the least of which being that it would never occur to him because he has no sense of humor.  You might've noticed that by the rant.  If not, keep reading.

Here are the actual pics and the comments I made, which incited this death-wish and his desperate need to protect his family's safety from my cat and me.  (By the way, I use the same avatar everywhere, so you can see how scary and hate-inspiring my cat looks here on this page.)

First I see this classy toilet-humor photo with an invitation to add my own caption.  How could I resist that?!

Now that is just screaming for some smart-assery, so:

Scott deleted that comment pretty quickly.  I dunno why!  So I put up this one (he did say "please"):


In typical Baio fashion, he'd posted personal info about his family (it makes the fans give him more attention), saying that his wife just found out she was allergic to celery. Well, so are gazillions of people, the vast majority of whom don't know and don't care.  And who the heck would tell the world about it on twitter unless they wanted to laugh about it?!?   If you've made it to 40-ish (which his wife has) and haven't died after eating celery, then it's not dangerous.  (I've almost died from anaphylactic shock, so I'm neither insensitive nor ignorant about these things.)

Just as I'd finished that comment, he put up another pic and said to "add your own caption".  I was bored by this time, so just put up something silly:

So there you have it.  That's what incited the rant and death-wish.  Baio routinely makes racially-oriented & extreme political comments, "jokes" about the President, the First Lady, and sometimes gays, and throws a fit when people complain about it.  And then he wishes death on my cat and/or me for these ridiculous comments.  Gotta hand it to him, he never stops surprising me.....

Maybe in a future post I'll start showing you the blossoming animosity of our twitter "relationship".  Now that had some kick to it, and yet I think he refrained from publicly wishing my cat and/or me dead back then. 

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Jesus saves, all you have to do is open your heart.
Christian evangelical spam kills positive attitude towards Christianity, all you have to do is open your unwelcome mouth.



Misology...my favorite new word.  Actually, I learned it a couple of months ago, but it's so appropriate in relation to the GOP political machine, I just feel so warm and snuggly with the word I can't get rid of that 'new-relationship' sort of feeling when I think of it.  I get unusually giddy when I come across  something that helps me understand whacky behavior.

I've been "learning" a few things about the right-wingers, especially on Twitter, via some kind friends there who've been teaching me the ways of the Crazies.  Especially seeing as how I recently was engaged in a prolonged, surreal, battle-of-nitwits (yes, I concede that I'm a nitwit for engaging to the levels that I have), and their tactics had been very confusing to me.

Along with misology, I also learned a very cool acronym - WATB (most specifically, definition #2).  If you're lucky, when you click on the link Sarah Palin's picture will be prominently featured next to the definition.  How apropos.

If you get to learn cool words, is it worth engaging in nitwit-ery?  I guess not in and of itself...but there are some other payoffs, if you have an appreciation for the art of battling for fun - so yeah, pretty worth it, I'd say.


Life After People

The History Channel's Life After People series is fantastic. Each episode looks at a couple of scenarios and takes you through a timeline, examining the changes that would occur over time if people were suddenly absent from Earth, and the human impact were no longer a factor in the subject's status, maintenance, etc.

Everyone should watch this series!

There is also an iphone app.



People think I'm kidding when I say I'm slow at getting around to things. I went to start a blogspot account today, and found that I'd not only already signed up for a blog, but had actually posted something - in 2006. By now my URL has been canceled so I'll have to get that sorted out, but the important thing is that now I intend to blog. For real.


Why all the questions?


I am very annoying to some...I ask a lot of questions.  Hence...whyinthehell.