Misology...my favorite new word.  Actually, I learned it a couple of months ago, but it's so appropriate in relation to the GOP political machine, I just feel so warm and snuggly with the word I can't get rid of that 'new-relationship' sort of feeling when I think of it.  I get unusually giddy when I come across  something that helps me understand whacky behavior.

I've been "learning" a few things about the right-wingers, especially on Twitter, via some kind friends there who've been teaching me the ways of the Crazies.  Especially seeing as how I recently was engaged in a prolonged, surreal, battle-of-nitwits (yes, I concede that I'm a nitwit for engaging to the levels that I have), and their tactics had been very confusing to me.

Along with misology, I also learned a very cool acronym - WATB (most specifically, definition #2).  If you're lucky, when you click on the link Sarah Palin's picture will be prominently featured next to the definition.  How apropos.

If you get to learn cool words, is it worth engaging in nitwit-ery?  I guess not in and of itself...but there are some other payoffs, if you have an appreciation for the art of battling for fun - so yeah, pretty worth it, I'd say.